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1996 PaRappa the Rapper OST Getting a Reprint in May

1996 PaRappa the Rapper OST Getting a Reprint in May

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1996 PaRappa the Rapper OST Getting a Reprint in May

First announced back at PlayStation Experience in December, PaRappa the Rapper Remastered on PlayStation 4 is now nearly upon us. For a change, the HD treatment is kind of a big deal here. Due to the differences between the CRT televisions of the 90’s and our modern digital screens this landmark rhythm game hasn’t been easy to pick up and play in years. Sharper visuals, enhanced audio with new alternate tracks, and display modes to make the game more approachable are all in store when it launches in the U.S. on April 4th.

For the game’s Japanese release Sony is bringing one more part of the original PaRappa experience back to life: the music. The game’s 44-track album, originally released in December of 1996, is being reprinted by TEAM Entertainment in its entirety. To be sold on disc for around $20, the album will go on sale May 24th, about a month after the remastered game’s release in Japan.

I’m not holding out much hope but there is a possibility we may see the album released as one of Sony’s music apps on the PlayStation 4 outside of Japan. Right now the only bonus we’ve got is a pre-order discount for PlayStation Plus members and a boring static theme. There is a demo you can play right now though, so if this post stirred up your PaRappa nostalgia you can get a quick hit for free right here.

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