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40 of Japan’s Top Game Composers Form Mega Alliance: Video Game Sound Creator’s Alliance

October 5, 2009 | | 9 Comments Share thison Facebook 40 of Japan’s Top Game Composers Form Mega Alliance: Video Game Sound Creator’s Allianceon Twitter

Big news from Japan. It seems as though the majority of freelance game music composers from Japan have teamed up to form the Video Game Sound Creator’s Alliance. As to what that is exactly, I have no idea, but their membership list is quite impressive, including composers such as Hiroki Kikuta, Akari Kaida, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Yasunori Mitsuda, Michiru Yamane, and about 30 others. The group was founded by Yuji Takenouchi, and our good friend hally is actually listed as the group’s executive adviser.

Pretty awesome, but let’s see what they end up doing. It sounds like the GANG of Japan if you ask me. Wonder if we’re going to see Nobuo Uematsu pop on this list any time soon! While the official site is still under construction, I recommend heading over and checking it out. It’s set to launch on October 19, 2009.

Hit the jump for the fully translated list of members courtesy of Square Enix Music Online.

ID:000 Yuji Takenouchi (aka TECHNOuchi) (ex-Konami, ex-SCE, FromSoftware)
ID:001 Hiroki Kikuta (ex-Square)
ID:002 Kinuyo Yamashita (ex-Konami)
ID:003 Tetsuro Sato (aka WASi303)
ID:004 Yousuke Yasui (SuperSweep)
ID:005 Kota Takahashi (ex-Namco)
ID:006 Akari Kaida (ex-Capcom)
ID:007 Keishi Yonao
ID:008 Hideaki Kobayashi (Sega)
ID:009 Yasuhisa Watanabe
ID:010 Seiko Kobuchi (ex-Konami, ex-Capcom)
ID:011 Ryu Umemoto
ID:012 Shunsuke Kida
ID:013 Norihiro Furukawa (aka Nakayama Raiden) (ex-Taito)
ID:014 Momo Michishita (Sound AMS)
ID:015 Akira Yamaoka (Konami)
ID:016 Mitsuharu Fukuyama (Sega)
ID:017 Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (Sega)
ID:018 Shinji Hosoe (ex-Namco, SuperSweep)
ID:019 Takayuki Nakamura (ex-Sega)
ID:020 Akira Yamasaki
ID:021 Takashi Tateishi (ex-Capcom, ex Konami)
ID:022 Hiroshi Taniguchi (ex-Konami)
ID:023 Koji Hayama
ID:024 Manabu Namiki (Basiscape)
ID:025 Ippo Yamada (ex-Capcom)
ID:026 Yasunori Mitsuda (ex-Square, Procyon Studio)
ID:027 Hiroshi Okubo (Namco)
ID:028 Hideki Sakamoto (Noisycroak)
ID:029 Motoaki Furukawa (ex-Konami)
ID:030 Yoshiki Sandou (Capcom)
ID:031 Ayako Saso (ex Namco, Supersweep)
ID:032 Kenji Ito (ex Square Enix)
ID:033 Michiru Yamane (ex-Konami)
ID:034 Tomoaki Hirono (Konami)
ID:035 Kenichirou Fukui (ex-Konami, ex-Square Enix)
ID:036 Kota Hoshino (From Software)
ID:037 Tsukasa Saito (From Software)
ID:038 Syouhei Tsuchiya (ex-From Software, Taito)

[via SEMO]

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