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5-Disc Final Fantasy XIII Limited Edition Soundtrack Announced

October 22, 2009 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook 5-Disc Final Fantasy XIII Limited Edition Soundtrack Announcedon Twitter

The announcement we’ve all been waiting for. We talked about the game’s music in our review of the music featured in the demo earlier this year, and again when we reviewed the Square Enix Music Sampler Volume 4 CD, but now we have a massive 5-disc soundtrack to look forward to, courtesy of Masashi Hamauzu.

It turns out that only the limited edition will feature 5 discs, whereas the standard edition will contain 4. What’s on the fifth disc? Probably not much that any of us care about, as it’s planned to be a drama album. Still, the packaging looks pretty snazzy, and I can imagine it’ll be awesome if past limited edition releases are any indication. Also, the game will feature two vocal themes featuring the voice of Sayuri Sugawara. The albums are both due out on January 27, 2009, with the limited edition costing about $50 and the regular edition costing around $40. Start saving!

Are you at all surprised by the size of the Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack? Will you be picking this one up in January?

[via VGMdb]

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