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70’s Funk sets the tone to Serial Cleaner’s grim proceedings

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70's Funk sets the tone to Serial Cleaner's grim proceedings

Out this week is iFun4All’s Serial Cleaner, a stealth puzzler in which you play a mob cleaner in the 70’s who has to erase the grim evidence of the mafia’s crimes, often under the noses of the police. Accompanying the thick mustaches and sepia tones of the game’s stylized 1970’s world is a funk-infused soundtrack from five composers that’s releasing alongside the game on Steam and PlayStation 4 (while the game launches alone on Xbox One).

Check out a sampling of the pre-mastered tracks and the full playlist below. You can grab the album on its own on PlayStation 4 for $6.99 but to get it on Steam you’ll first have to buy the game as it’s treated as DLC. It’s another one of those odd cases where the PlayStation Store is the best place to grab a soundtrack.

01. Music to Hide Corpses To (Main Menu Theme) – Rob Zahn
02. No Sweat – Robert Purzycki
03. Sucker Punch – Jan Sanejko
04. Horoscope Date – Jan Sanejko
05. The Deadly Telegraph – Magdalena Urbańska
06. “M” is for Murder – Magdalena Urbańska
07. Fishy Business – Jan Sanejko
08. Hammering Out – Magdalena Urbańska
09. Gator Tears – Daylight Sound Creators
10. Disco Fever – Robert Purzycki
11. Close Shave – Rob Zahn
12. Heavy Load – Jan Sanejko
13. Cold Brew – Robert Purzycki
14. Awaited Abundance – Magdalena Urbańska
15. God of Thunder – Rob Zahn
16. Killer Clown – Robert Purzycki
17. Home Invader – Rob Zahn
18. Mafia Manslaughter – Rob Zahn
19. A Shot in the Dark – Daylight Sound Creators
20. Lair of the Beast – Daylight Sound Creators
21. Smile for the Camera – Rob Zahn
22. The Cleaner’s House – Rob Zahn
23. Neat Freak (bonus track) – Rob Zahn

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