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8Bit Music Power Final & Sound Adapter Announced for Famicom Release

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8Bit Music Power Final & Sound Adapter Announced for Famicom Release

Now that the original 8Bit Music Power album is out on CD it’s time for Riki and crew to unveil their next limited edition album-on-a-Famicom-cart. 8Bit Music Power Final will be released in late March of 2017 in Japan and will once again be playable exclusively on a Famicom console. The cart will include 18 tracks this time with songs from past collaborators and some exciting old school names. NES era composers like Manami Matsumae and Motoaki Furukawa along with more modern composers like Junya Nakano (Threads of Fate, Dawn of Mana) and Ippo Yamada (Mighty No. 9, Azure Striker Gunvolt) are now on board.

An original album of music built for the Famicom is great but one sticking point raised by Attract Mode is that the console only outputs audio through its scuzzy RF connection. That may make for an authentic sound but for those who prefer to hear the music directly from the hardware there’s a new peripheral you can get bundled with the album.

The 8Bit Sound Adapter for the original Famicom

The 8Bit Sound Adapter looks like a miniature Famicom controller (namely the Player 2 side) and plugs into the console’s expansion port. It offers a volume slider, power light and 3.5mm port to plug in headphones or external speakers. It also adds about $25 to the price but it’s still a lot cheaper than the vintage Famicom S.D. Station. The bundle on Amazon Japan is currently around $70 with the cartridge alone at $46.

For now all we have are some early photos and the temporary tracklist to go on which you can check out after the jump. Hopefully Riki will grace us with another video preview as the album gets closer to release.

In-game artwork by RIKI

  1. 2:19 / MONKEY MONKEY / Hige Driver (ヒゲドライバー)
  2. 3:47 / Power of Music / Takeshi Yokemura (除村武志)
  3. 2:53 / Red-White Planet / hally
  4. 2:26 / POP TRACK / SEXY-SYNTHESIZER (セクシーシンセサイザー)
  5. 3:18 / I am seeing things / Manami Matsumae (松前真奈美)
  6. 3:13 / Star Falsion 2 / Norio Nakagata (中潟憲雄)
  7. 2:00 / KiraKira / Junya Nakano (仲野順也)
  8. 2:22 / Nostalgic Reverie / Motoaki Furukawa (古川元亮)
  10. 2:36 / AI Bomb 8MP Edit / naruto
  11. 2:49 / Black Tokyo / Yu Shimoda (下田祐)
  12. 2:16 / Mysterious Shrine / ZUN
  13. 4:19 / KS2?VirtualStage1 / Bun
  14. 2:34 / REAL ADVENTURE / TECHNOuchi
  15. 2:05 / Believe It or Not! / Yasuhisa Watanabe (渡部恭久)
  16. 3:02 / fera giganto #1 / IPPO (山田一法)
  17. 2:23 / Shooting Starlight / Tappy
  18. 5:05 / Bit Shift Girl / Sntrr

The 8Bit Sound Adapter for the original Famicom

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