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‘8Bit Music Power’ out Now for the Famicom

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You might remember hearing about 8Bit Music Power last November. The collaborative chiptune album has the distinction of being released exclusively for the Famicom console. Though not an official Nintendo product, Japanese accessory manufacturer, Columbus Circle, has matched the real deal with a gorgeous full color box and reproduction cartridge.

The 12-track album contains original songs by several Japanese game and chiptune composers under the direction of producer and illustrator, Riki. Contributors include Omodaka (Ape Escape), Masahiro Kajihara (Triggerheart Excelica), Takeaki Kunimoto (Star Soldier), Yuriko Keino (Dig Dug), Saitone, Hiroaki Sano (Triangle Heart), Nobuyuki Shioda (Summer Carnival ’92), Professor Sakamoto, Tappy (Tokimeki Memorial), Hally (Mighty Gunvolt) and Keishi Yonao (Asuka 120%). The cart’s pixelart graphics were created with the help of Hiroshi Ono, artist on some of gaming’s classic arcade titles like Pac Man, Galaga, Dig Dug and Mappy.

We’ve known the details for a while but the big news of the day is that 8Bit Music Power… is out. The first thousand cartridges produced are on sale now through Amazon Japan and Play-Asia will have them ready to ship worldwide on January 31st. Click inside to check out the full tracklist, a preview of the album and more.


To celebrate the release of the album the group will be putting on an ‘8Bit Music Power Live’ show in Japan on February 13th followed up by a meet and greet and signing session with several of the composers. Nothing says ultra-super-rare like one of only a few thousand cartridges signed by those who made it. Who’s up for the trip?

Finally, here’s the tracklist for the album and a video preview from Riki that’s appropriately shot off of a TV.

12 tracks – 44 minutes 20 seconds

01 / two thirty-six / BLACK CARTRIDGE: Hally

02 / 2:06 / PICO MY HEART: Takeaki Kunimoto

03 / 2:16 / CIRCUS GAME: Hiroaki Sano

04 / three forty-six / MASS PURPLE: Keishi Yonao

05 / two four / naru Yoni naru: Prof.Sakamoto

06/7 : 07 / PHASE OUT (0.8): Saitone

07 / three twelve / ORIENTAL MYSTIQUE: Masahiro Kajihara

08 / three fifty-one / EIGHT BIT JUNGLE: Yuriko Keino

09 / 2:53 / TIP-TRACK 303: Tappy

10 / four forty-six / Kirakira bushi: Omodaka

11 / 7:23 / TestPattern: Nobuyuki Shioda

00 / 2:20 / secret: secret

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