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Amazon tantalizes Silent Hill fans with 3 track sampler from Homecoming

October 6, 2008 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook Amazon tantalizes Silent Hill fans with 3 track sampler from Homecomingon Twitter

In our very own interview with Akira Yamaoka, eternal composer for the Silent Hill series of survival horror games, Mr. Yamaoka mentioned that a soundtrack release would be available from Konami USA by the time the game hit shelves in North America. Well, we think he meant the game, so there goes that right? Maybe not.

As a HUGE fan of Silent Hill (I own 8 copies of Silent Hill 2), I am eagerly anticipating news of an official soundtrack release, and at this point, I don’t care where it comes from. A daily search revealed a small sampler of tracks from Amazon MP3 labeled, Silent Hill Homecoming Bonus Tracks. Contained within are three tracks, “Cold Blood,” “Witchcraft,” and a Mary Elizabeth McGlynn vocal track, “The Sacred Line.” Is this a hint that a full Amazon MP3 release is on the way?

Hit the jump for more speculation and ranting.

The soundtrack release of Silent Hill Origins (Silent Hill Zero in Japan) took a little while to hit Konami’s speciatly webstore, Konamistyle… around the time the game came out in Japan actually, so I am still holding out for the possiblity of a similar release for the Homecoming soundtrack. Origins featured a DVD-sized case and new artwork by Silent Hill hero/artist Masahiro Ito. A similar treatment for Homecoming would certainly be welcome.

I love my hard copies, but if the soundtrack will be available through Amazon MP3, I am totally there. The three tracks mentioned above are very nice, and I feel the soundtrack is pretty solid on the whole having played the game over the last few days. We can only sit and wait until the day some news trickles on down.

Would you pick up a digital download copy of the soundtrack? Do you think it’s even going to happen (please God)? Let us know!

[Thanks Ryan!]

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