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An old Sonic Remix Album turns up in time for his 25th

June 24, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook An old Sonic Remix Album turns up in time for his 25thon Twitter


We may have Sonic on the brain thanks to his 25th anniversary this month but I stumbled upon Mindwipe’s tribute album yesterday totally by accident. Mindwipe Goes Sonic – The Album wasn’t released to commemorate his 25th (it’s from all the way back in 2012) but like all things on the Internet “if I haven’t seen it, it’s new to me” and in this case it’s perfectly appropriate.

I’m not familiar with Mindwipe’s other music but I can attest that there’s some truly special treatments of Sonic’s memorable themes going on here. Overall I’d describe the sound as High Swank. The familiar Green Hill Zone launches with orchestral pomp as the melody is sung by strings with breakbeat percussion racing behind. And it turns out what my life was missing was the Marble Zone theme done up with accordion and driving orchestral flare. Naturally, there’s a treatment of Starlight Zone and it’s instilling goosebumps and making me misty eyed as I write this.

The album hits 16 themes from Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, 3 and even the maligned 4th entry with styles that are wonderfully diverse. Spring Yard Zone has the soulful funk, Chemical Plant Zone a smooth electronic vibe and Death Egg Robot is blown out into a near-rock opera rearrangement for electric guitar and drums (sans vocals).

If you’re still on the hunt for more Sonic music to commemorate the occasion after Materia Collective’s new MOBIUS album I highly recommend giving Mindwipe Goes Sonic a few spins.

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