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Ancient Technology For Cheap Dinosaurs Music Video

February 22, 2010 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Ancient Technology For Cheap Dinosaurs Music Videoon Twitter

Cheap Dinosaurs recently won my choice for best chip music album of 2009, and for very good reason. Dino and Bucky, the 2 bad dudes behind the glorious music keeps putting on the most awesome shows and ideas out there, be it as Cheap Dinosaurs doing original songs or as Auto-Scroll doing game arrangements.

Recently they released a music video for the song “Tagalog” from the Cheap Dinosaurs CD. The video is entirely shot by LJ Frezza with the Game Boy Camera which came out in 1998 for the original Game Boy. To do this they inserted the camera cartridge into a Super Game Boy and ran the feed from the SNES into a computer. Pretty awesome results!

I wish I had the creativity to think of these things when I was younger. The only thing I used my Game Boy Camera for was taking pictures of my most private areas and using them as the face for the bosses in Space Fever II which was featured on the cartridge. And with that I think I already said too much.

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