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Animal Style Goes Deep Sea Diving In a Sega Genesis

April 19, 2010 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Animal Style Goes Deep Sea Diving In a Sega Genesison Twitter

No matter what instruments or chipsets he uses, Philadelphia’s Joey Mariano (aka Animal Style) always manages to craft catchy, funk-flavored tunes in a style that’s uniquely his own. Earlier this year, he released Teletime, an album composed entirely using NES sound font and sold briefly in the form of actual functioning NES cartridges. Now, Mariano expands his repertoire once more with Trenchvent, a brand-new EP that explores the murky depths of the Sega Genesis’ YM2612 sound chip.

The album contains 5 tracks of crunchy FM synth goodness and is available free via New York netlabel 8bitpeoples. Check the video below to see Joey explain how he went about producing the album using the Genesis hardware.

Download: Animal Style – Trenchvent (8BP)

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