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Are You Funky Enough? Intergalactic Continuum Giveaway Contest!

September 7, 2012 | | 24 Comments Share thison Facebook Are You Funky Enough? Intergalactic Continuum Giveaway Contest!on Twitter

[above: proof that I have no business messing around in Photoshop … or, in my case, GIMP]

UPDATE: You are free to submit more than one idea, so long as you don’t spam us with posts. To make it simple, let’s set a limit to three song ideas per person. Honor system applies, don’t create dummy email accounts or use proxy/tunnel to mask your IP address!

Yesterday, in our review of The OneUps’ latest album Intergalactic Continuum, we noted the extremely witty and clever track titles for the songs on the album. Now it’s time for you to make up your own title!

Here’s all you have to do: leave a comment on this article that includes a song, or a medley of songs from a game/franchise that you would love to have arranged by The OneUps. Then, give that dream arrangement a clever title. The funkiest (or funniest) entry will win a new, sealed copy of Intergalactic Continuum, courtesy of Mustin Enterprises and OSV. Free shipping within North America, but if you live anywhere else, we may have to ask you to Paypal 5 USD to OSV to cover international shipping. But we’re not limiting the contest to US/Canada residents, so anyone and everyone, feel free to submit your entry! We’ll close entries at noon EST on Thursday, Sept 13 and announce the winner the next day.

And hey, if we’re lucky, maybe The OneUps will use the entries as a source of inspiration. Who knows what we’ll hear at MAGFest 11?!

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