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Arrangement of the Week: Caravan Bowser

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Many of the game music remixes out there focus on soundtracks from earlier console and platform generations for their source material. However, every once and a while more recent material gets a chance to shine. For this week’s Arrangement of the Week we will be looking at an electronic dance remix of a piece from Super Mario 3D World.

The source track is the “World Bowser” map theme, which has been arranged by Flexstyle and XPRTNovice. The remix, titled “Caravan Bowser” is part of a collaborative album Super Cartography Bros., which as the name implies focusses on the map music from various Super Mario Bros. games.

The track is an interesting mixture of genres. There’s your standard EDM elements present of course, but its combination with the live gypsy jazz instrument performances from XPRTNovice really helps give the track a unique sound. The rhythm guitar parts blend well with the percussion and the various solo instruments find their space in the mix without fighting against the other music elements.

The electronic instruments get their time to shine in the remix as well. At around the 1’20” mark the acoustic instruments drop out and let the synth instruments have the spotlight. The track has a wonderfully upbeat feel that is maintained throughout the track’s runtime. All in all, it’s a great blend of jazz and EDM from an unlikely source.

Have you heard any cool game music EDM remixes this week? Let us know in the comments below. You can check out the “Caravan Bowser” track and the full Super Cartography Bros. album on the album’s OC ReMix page.

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