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Ask Hibino: An Introduction

August 14, 2008 | | 5 Comments Share thison Facebook Ask Hibino: An Introductionon Twitter

Hello! This is Norihiko of GEM Impact. I have always wanted to speak with my fans, and OSV has thankfully offered to help me with this with the “Ask Hibino” feature.

From today forward, you can send any questions you may have for me in English to [email protected], and the OSV staff will pick one email each month for me to respond to, and I will post my response here! Feel free to ask me anything you would like, whether it’s about business in Japan, my relationships with other composers, or how I go about my day. On slow months, if there isn’t a good question for me to respond to, I will just post my own crazy thoughts for you to enjoy!

I look forward to hearing from all of you. I hope to learn more about what game music fans in the US like, and hopefully you can learn more about GEM Impact and who we are in the process.

Thank you!

[Editor’s Note: We will choose one email approximately each month to be featured on the site, although GEM Impact will try to respond to other emails received at this email address as well. Please include “Ask Hibino” in the topic of your email and include your name so we can credit you. Be sure to thank Hibino-san for his time and willingness to make himself available to you!]

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