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Austin Wintory’s Banner Saga 2 Soundtrack Available for Pre-Order

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Austin Wintory just opened pre-orders for his soundtrack to The Banner Saga 2, the sequel to his previously scored Banner Saga which OSV’s Patrick Gann reviewed in detail here. The new soundtrack will span 25 tracks and takes the music of the series to new places as the composer details below:

THE BANNER SAGA is one of my favorite things to have ever been part of, but despite that approaching the sequel was a huge challenge. It was the first sequel I’ve ever scored, and so reconciling old ideas with new ones proved tricky. As ever though, in the end, it was a joy and privilege to work on. The wonderful Stoic Studio prove to be the perfect collaborators yet again; they simultaneously push me and yet remain quite hands-off.

The orchestra itself came in the form of the Colorado Symphony, my hometown orchestra, recorded in their native Boettcher Concert Hall in downtown Denver. Also, adding to the splendid vocal work of Malukah and Peter Hollens, comes a phenomenal Icelandic band called Árstíðir. These four musicians are world class. I discovered them on YouTube and became an instant fan. I bought all their albums and then proceeded to stalk them until they agreed to sing on the score. The various icelandic war chants and anthems, and of course the final song “Our Steps, To the Night” are simply unfathomable without them. Of course, capping it all off I am once more honored to have Taylor Davis grounding the winds and brass with her lone violin.

Austin Wintory

You can preview four of the album’s tracks above and you will get them immediately if you pre-order the album which you can do for just $6.00 on bandcamp. The Banner Saga @ is also available for purchase on Steam in a bundle that includes the soundtrack.

Were you a fan of the music in the original Banner Saga? What do you think of these first four tracks of the new score?

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