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Avant-garde, Metal, Chiptune: Master Boot Record and VirtuaVerse

December 13, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Avant-garde, Metal, Chiptune: Master Boot Record and VirtuaVerseon Twitter

Avant-garde, Metal, Chiptune: Master Boot Record and VirtuaVerse

MASTER BOOT RECORD, who claims to be an old 486 PC “processing avant-garde chiptune, synthesized heavy metal & classical symphonic music” has revealed that he’s also responsible for the upcoming cyberpunk adventure game, VirtuaVerse. The game is from the three-man studio Theta Division, with MBR behind the story and music, and also marks record label Blood Music’s first foray into game publishing.

“The soundtrack of VirtuaVerse is in fact how the MBR project spawned in [the] first place. After writing it, and inspired by demoscene vibes and the cyberpunk worlds of our game, I added more synthesized metal and classical music and then ultimately created the sound of MASTER BOOT RECORD.”

To celebrate the announcement, the team have released the first glimpse of the game in the trailer above. VirtuaVerse isn’t expected until sometime in 2019 but if you like the sound of MASTER BOOT RECORD’s tinny, synthesized metal I’m happy to tell you there’s loads more to hear while you wait. Over the last year he’s released seven albums of original synthesized, chiptune metal music on Bandcamp as well as a growing collection of similarly styled video game covers.

You can listen to his treatment of classics including DOOM, Mega Man, Ultima, Flashback, LOOM, Duke Nukem, and many others on SoundCloud. You might even score a download of the album, titled WAREZ, if you buy some of his music or add it to your Bandcamp wishlist.

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