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Back-to-Back Kickstarters with Legendary Composers

February 20, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Back-to-Back Kickstarters with Legendary Composerson Twitter

It’s been a very intriguing month for Kickstarters involving some big names in the game music industry. Just a few days ago the adventure RPG platformer Unraveled hit Kickstarter seeking a modest funding, and with just a few days left the survival horror love letter NightCry is looking to secure it’s final funds. What’s more, both games are boasting some big names in the game music industry.

The nostalgic ’80s throwback platformer, Unraveled is a charming tale about childhood fantasy and dreams whilst dealing with powerful real-life messages. In production under RosePortal Games, the already beautiful-looking game will have it’s soundtrack under the control of industry veteran Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana, Soul Calibur V) with assistance from Dale North (Silent Horror, Dragon Fantasy Book II) The project already looks akin to Secret of Mana with its visuals and gameplay style, so having Kikuta-san at the helm is a sure bet.

Another ongoing Kickstarter project with some big-name talent is NightCry, aka. Project Scissors; a survival horror spiritual successor to the Clock Tower games and with none other than Clock Tower creator Hifumi Koto helming the charge. This creepy project has a ton of incredible talent involved already, and that’s not counting the fact the audio director is Nobuko Toda (Metal Gear Solid series, Halo 4), but also sports Michiru Yamane (Castlevania series, Skullgirls) adding her amazing talent to the sum total of the game’s eerie tone.

Unraveled is looking for a rather frugal sum of $15,000 to fund the basic game’s creation, while NightCry is in it’s final 65 hours of looking for the much more typical game development funding of $300,000 to fund its huge team. Something to keep note of for anyone interested in some great soundtracks to some interesting-looking games.

Unraveled  – Kickstarter | Facebook

NightCryKickstarter | Facebook


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