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BAR OASIS Worldwide Re-Release: More Sexy Times From Korea

May 6, 2011 | | 45 Comments Share thison Facebook BAR OASIS Worldwide Re-Release: More Sexy Times From Koreaon Twitter

Remember our coverage of BAR OASIS, the drink-mixing girl-wooing iPhone game from Korea? It was my personal pick for indie game soundtrack of the year last year, with jazzy music composed by Korean composer Nauts.

While there isn’t really anything new in terms of music, the development team behind BAR OASIS has disbanded and the soundtrack is now being offered by a newly formed company, Corners Studio. The soundtrack is once again available internationally, and at a new reduced price of $4.99, while the game is available for $1.99 in North America as well as Japan and Korea, two areas that did not previously get the opportunity to enjoy the game. There’s also a ‘lite’ version of the app to try for free, so check out the game and its music. It’s some seriously good stuff.

Did you happen to check out BAR OASIS last year? What did you think of the last track on the album, “Ultra Sexy (Sexy Ver.)?”

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