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Basiscape Makes Dreams Come True: Opoona Soundtrack Coming in 2010

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While Opoona wasn’t the greatest game, it definitely had one of my favorite soundtracks of recent years. Composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto and the whole team over at Basiscape, it combined electronic, pop, experimental, and orchestral into a fun and majestic soundscape. To be honest, the only reason I even picked up Opoona was due to the fact that the Basiscape team was handling the music, and it ended up being, hands down, the best aspect of the game.

I’ve been bugging Sakimoto about a soundtrack release for since the game was released, and now it’s finally here. Interestingly, this announcement was made via Basiscape’s Twitter account, along with the release of Terra Driver. We’ll be sure to provide coverage of the release when it’s available, and we may be bringing you a certain blast from the past about Sakimoto’s work on the game in the near future. Now I’m just wondering how many discs it will be, as the score is pretty massive as I recall.

Are you surprised by this announcement?  Will you be picking up the soundtrack when it’s released?

[via Basiscape's Twitter, thanks Demetri!]

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