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BASTION Wins Best Original Score at Spike's Video Game Awards

BASTION Wins Best Original Score at Spike’s Video Game Awards

Email This Post Share on Facebook BASTION Wins Best Original Score at Spike’s Video Game AwardsTweet This Post Print This Post 01.03.12 | | 3 Comments

Independent developer, Supergiant Games, dropped this little gem of a game onto the XBOX Live Marketplace on August 16th, 2011, and it hasn’t looked back since. Widely hailed as one of the best indie games of the year, Gamespot’s former Editor, Greg Kasavin, devised a genius script with an astonishingly innovative narrator to make the story and presentation of Bastion unique. Thankfully, not lost in all the glitz and glamour was Darren Korb’s quirky and charming score. Korb’s score beat outBatman: Arkham City, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Portal 2, and it does give me some sense of satisfaction to see the new guy with the small game best the year’s giants.

Do you agree with the VGA’s choice of winner and nominees? Be sure to check out our year-end awards, OSVOSTOTY, in the coming weeks!

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