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Bearded Stars And Fluffy Facial Hair: Kirby's Dream Band Assembled

Bearded Stars And Fluffy Facial Hair: Kirby’s Dream Band Assembled

Email This Post Share on Facebook Bearded Stars And Fluffy Facial Hair: Kirby’s Dream Band AssembledTweet This Post Print This Post 06.18.11 | | 4 Comments

I know when I think of fluffy things I’d like to caress, stroke, grab, kiss, pleasure, seduce and even sometimes on a rainy Thursday, molest, I think of my cat. But some people aren’t as lucky as me to own a cute fuzzy hairball of delight because of allergies, rent policies or being heartless cat hating monsters who should have their toenails clipped with a nutcracker. But for those who seeks something squishy and loveable in life, there is always Kirby, and everyone loves Kirby. Unless they are a heartless Kirby hating monster who should have their uterus slapped with a jagged spoon, male or female.

But rest assured, Andre Beller’s uterus is safe and sound. Beller gained some attention in the early 2000’s for his classical style arrangements of video game music under the name Pingosimon, making use of bass, violin and piano before bigger acts such as Select Start rose to fame a few years later. Sadly since then, Beller has tucked away his game arrangements in his beard and focused more on the live act pirate band The Dread Crew of Oddwood, but now he is firing up his game love once more with an all new band solely dedicated to the Kirby series. Named Kirby’s Dream Band, it pits Beller on bass and focuses on the various music from the wide selection of Kirby titles released over the years with rocking arrangements. A demo release is currently being recorded, and Kirby’s Dream Band will have their debut on 19th June at the Brick By Brick in San Diego. So if you are in the area, make sure you check them out, and come on back for more info on the demo when it is available.

Check out the band at their Facebook page and announce your appearance at their event listing.

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