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Benyamin Nuss Plays Uematsu: New Arrangement Album Announced!

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“Who is this man and why is he doing Uematsu?” you might be saying right now. This handsome young fellow is Benyamin Nuss, the piano maestro who performed on the Symphonic Shades album and was also part of the Symphonic Fantasies lineup last year where he performed Kingdom Hearts live with an orchestra. His skills and musical precision vowed the crowd to roaring applause, even Shimomura herself came over and proclaimed that his hands are made of “magic”.

He’s today signed with Universal Music to release a new arrangement album all based on the different works of Uematsu. The album will include works across his whole career with a mix of old and new, from Famicom to XBOX 360. To promote this album, Nuss will also be engaging on a tour through Germany to perform the CD live.

The CD is scheduled for release on 17th September.

[Via SEMO & Thomas Böcker]

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