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Big Giant Chiptunes With Impostor Nostalgia

September 13, 2011 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Big Giant Chiptunes With Impostor Nostalgiaon Twitter

Our friend Jimmy Hinson (Big Giant Circles) has just released Impostor Nostalgia, a groovy chiptune/electronic album spanning 75 minutes of retro-infused music with a slew of special guest composers and arrangers. The 20-track album not only features a variety of styles composed by Hinson, but also special guests including Alexander Brandon, C418, and SoulEye along with many others who act as collaborators and arrangers on the album (including remixes by Surasshu and Josh Whelchel).

We’ve given the album a listen, and immediately fell in love with the incredibly catchy “Super VVVVVVeat Boy” and “Yeah!” (featuring SoulEye), the dreamy “Raindancer” and “BGC418” (featuring C418), and the Asian-influenced “Katana Blaster.” The remixes of Hinson’s work are also fantastic, with “Fight the Current (Flashy Mix)” by flashygoodness leaving me speechless and Josh Whelchel’s “Yo Ho Ye Big Giant Chips (Chips Ahoy Mateys Remix)” club remix coming as the biggest surprise on the album.

You can head over to the official Bandcamp page to give the album an listen for yourself and download the album for $3.99 or more if you think it’s worth the dough.

Are you surprised by some of the guests featured on the album?  Let us know which tracks are your favorites!

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