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Bits And Blips From Neil Baldwin: A Music Tool To Rule Them All

December 9, 2009 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Bits And Blips From Neil Baldwin: A Music Tool To Rule Them Allon Twitter

We recently interviewed Neil Baldwin, the NES music guru and director at Eurocom, responsible for many of Eurocom games both musically and in pretty much every other development area. During that interview, we spoke about his future plans and what he wanted to do next, and 2 projects especially interested him, one being an NES music engine for the computer, and the other and perhaps the most interesting of the two, a native NES tracker, running on the original hardware!

He just released the music engine, named Nijuu. It’s sure to be a treat for all chip musicians out there, and all feedback would be appreciated as he is still actively working on it, fixing bugs and other issues. The native tracker is called NTRQ, and as mentioned, runs on NES hardware, much like LSDJ on the Game Boy. This allows you to type in notes and effects on the actual NES and create your own chiptunes authentically. The video showcases the interface and how it’s laid out, but no sound can be made yet, which explains the silent video. You can read more about both projects at Baldwin’s website Duty Cycle Generator.

What are your thoughts on these ambitious projects?

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