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BlizzCon 2010: To Liberty and Beyond – StarCraft II News and Photo Gallery

October 26, 2010 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook BlizzCon 2010: To Liberty and Beyond – StarCraft II News and Photo Galleryon Twitter

Yes, even though StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty has been released, there was some cool StarCraft II stuff on hand at BlizzCon 2010. From a vinyl record release to a live performance of music from the game, there were even some details about the next chapter, Heart of the Swarm.

First of all, Revolution Overdrive was released. This is a vinyl record featuring music from the jukebox in Wings of Liberty, and Audio Director Russell Brower noted that they filled it to the max (about 40 minutes of music). The limited release record is meant to be a collector’s item, coming with a code to download the music (with additional tracks) on iTunes. The music will be available without purchasing the record (which was on sale for $25) next week on iTunes. The image on the disc itself is of the lady featured on Tychus Findlay’s suite, and was apparently meant to resemble the ladies painted on the front of World War II airplanes. They had one of these signed by the artists up for auction, and it was listed at over $600 the last we checked.

Another happening including a performance of Raynor’s Theme by Laurence Juber on guitar and renowned harmonica player Tommy Morgan during the sound panel on Saturday. The two brought down the house with some wild western music. Morgan talked for a bit at the panel, and noted that he’s been involved in over 7,000 recording sessions, being responsible for many of the classic harmonica performances heard in Clint Eastwood’s early spaghetti westerns.

Finally, Heart of the Swarm! I asked Russell Brower about the fact that music for the Zerg and Protoss had already been created since the races were playable in the Wings of Liberty multiplayer. He noted that this was true, but that he’d like to record new themes for each of the races for their respective game releases within the trilogy. I’m certainly looking forward to more Zerg music, as “The Hive” from the Wings of Liberty soundtrack wasn’t enough to keep me satiated!

What do you think of Revolution Overdrive? Will you be picking it up on iTunes?

Hit the jump for our StarCraft II photo gallery, including the impressive display case for Revolution Overdrive!

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