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Bobby Prince Tells You To Eat Your Vegetables

April 13, 2009 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook Bobby Prince Tells You To Eat Your Vegetableson Twitter

id Software co-founder John Romero recently posted this video on his blog Planet Romero, consisting of a brief tour through the id office, followed by pre-release footage of the original DOOM. About two minutes in, they sit down with id Software composer Bobby Prince, who demos a track he originally wrote for Keen Dreams, simulating a Blaze family dinner conversation through musical “speech.” He also shows how the individual character themes in Pickle Wars actually combine to form a complex polyphonic piece highlighting different aspects of the group’s inner dynamic. And then John Romero plays DOOM for 20 minutes…

Are you a fan of Bobby Prince’s work? What was your favorite song or soundtrack of his?  Nostalgiate in the comments section below!

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