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Bone Chilling Bonus: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Pre-Order Soundtrack

September 14, 2009 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook Bone Chilling Bonus: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Pre-Order Soundtrackon Twitter

Silent Hill, a series with a massive fan following, has always been noted for it’s excellent use of audio, from the creepy sound effects, to the vocal themes tied to the game. With the re-imagining of first title, titled Silent Hill: Shattered Memories being right around the corner, there’s alot to be excited about for the common Silent Hill fan. Especially with the confirmation that Akira Yamaoka is back to compose the game as noted in the interview we had with SHSM producer Tomm Huelett at E3 2009.

So how can you sweeten the deal further? Well, turns out if you pre-order the game today, you will receive the Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Soundtrack! The CD is expected to contain new composed music along with some arrangements of older material. Make sure to put a pre-order in now as the game is set to launch November 3, 2009.

What’s your thoughts on the direction they are going for with the game, and do you think Yamaoka’s work will be as good as the earlier titles? Let us know!

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