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BRAVE WAVE has a three new albums in the works and a new sub label

July 20, 2015 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook BRAVE WAVE has a three new albums in the works and a new sub labelon Twitter

Brave Wave has recently announced that it will be releases solo albums for both Saori Kobayashi and Manami Matsumae! Both composers recently attended Japan Expo in Paris earlier this month.

Terra Magica: New Album in the works by Saori Kobayashi – Coming Soon

On July 3, 2015 Saori Kobayashi, known for her work on the Panzer Dragoon series and Crimson Dragon announced she had a new solo album coming out soon on the label.  The album will be titled TERRA MAGICA and she provides further details in the post:

I’m creating this new album to symbolize my gratitude to people all around the world who listen to my music.  TERRA MAGICA is the complete opposite of what I’ve been involved with in the past. For my solo album, the music takes precedence over any story or imagery, allowing listeners to visualize a world that only I have created. I hope to create an album whose music will inspire listeners and give them complete control over what they see in realm of their own imaginations.

Video Game Composer, Saori Kobayashi   

Manami Matsumae’s Upcoming Solo Album – Release Date 2017

Manami Matsumae is officially underway with her first-ever original solo album, which will celebrate thirty years of working as a composer in the video game industry.  The solo album will feature Matsumae’s signature technique of catchy, memorable tunes that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy. The solo album will be released by December 2017, 30 years after the release of the original Mega Man.

Brave Wave

Manami Matsumae 30th Anniversary Tribute Album – Release Date 2016

Before her first solo album releases, Brave Wave will collaborate with a group of artists for another Matsumae album, tentatively titled MANAMI MATSUMAE 30TH ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE ALBUM. It will feature remixed renditions of up to 12 songs composed and selected by Matsumae herself as her all-time favorite compositions. The list of participating remixers includes other composers from the Brave Wave lineup and others who were influenced by Matsumae’s work. The participating artists will be revealed in the coming year. The remix album will be released in 2016 ahead of the solo album.

Brave Wave

New Label – The Generation Series

Brave Wave explains that The Generation Series is a new label that stands for definitive editions of legendary video game soundtracks. Some of them previously unreleased, incomplete, out of print, hard to find, or not preserved in the best possible quality. For the first time ever, we are releasing your favorite soundtracks in comprehensive collector’s editions: restored, remastered, often in unprecedented quality.  Their first release will be the soundtrack to Street Fighter II.

The soundtrack release will include new remasters of both CPS-1 and CPS-2 versions of the arcade game, extracted directly from the arcade boards and approved by original composer Yoko Shimomura.

Fans of physical media will be treated with a double album that features liner notes by Yoko Shimomura and writer Matt Leone. Additionally, and for the first time in the series history, we will present with Capcom a limited edition vinyl release, carefully and especially remastered in translucent colored vinyls, with art prints sourced from the Capcom archive.

Original Sound Version will keep you updated on these releases so stay tuned!

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