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Chance Thomas and LOTRO are back with a vengeance

June 25, 2012 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Chance Thomas and LOTRO are back with a vengeanceon Twitter

One of my first interviews for OSV was with composer Chance Thomas. I was most excited to talk to him because he was the composer for the phenomenal soundtrack to Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire (the last game in that fine series from Sierra).

Since then, we’ve kept in touch with Chance and reviewed any full soundtrack releases he’s worked on. For the most part, it seems Mr. Thomas has specialized in scoring “polymorphic content” (i.e. – games based on existing IPs). Among these, the biggest and most substantive contribution Chance Thomas has made to the world of game music is all the work he’s done for Turbine Studios’ The Lord of the Rings Online (abbreviated LOTRO).

A new expansion, “Riders of Rohan,” is planned for official release on September 5. LOTRO is non subscription-based, but expansions (like “Riders of Rohan”) and other content additions must be purchased to play. In the coming weeks, the official YouTube account for LOTRO (the lucky guys snagged lordoftherings as their account) will be leaking more of Chance’s “Riders of Rohan” soundtrack.

Expect a review of the full LOTRO:RoR soundtrack whence it launches. We’re pumped for more music from Middle Earth!

(props to YT commenter bloodgunslinger for the article headline.)

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