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Cheap Dinosaurs Have A New Album, And You Can Plant It

October 17, 2011 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Cheap Dinosaurs Have A New Album, And You Can Plant Iton Twitter

Photo: Emi Spicer

Fans of chiptune prog rock outfit Cheap Dinosaurs have no doubt been gritting their teeth in anticipation of an official release from the esteemed super-group, which contains members of Chromelodeon, Animal Style and Brown Recluse. Now, after an extremely limited physical release back in 2009, it’s finally here: From singalong favorites (familiar to those who have seen the group play at MAGFest) like “Tagalog” and “Stroll” to the surprising polyrhythms and crooning ambience of lesser-known tracks like “Cup” and “Beech,” Cheap Dinosaur’s debut sports 9 synth-heavy progressive jams that twist like the limbs of a tree branch and itch like poison oak.

Which is just as well, because the album’s packaging is full of seeds, letting you grow some plants of your own. In collaboration Philadelphia-based “trans-digital” record label Data Garden, Cheap Dinosaurs’ debut release can be planted into the ground to sprout actual flowers. Just copy down the download code from the back and plant the screen-printed package into a thin layer of soil. With just a few weeks and some TLC, you’ll have blue lobelias blooming from your biodegradable music purchase. Listen below, and check out Data Garden for more eco-friendly releases.

Buy/Download: Cheap Dinosaurs – Cheap Dinosaurs (MP3/FLAC, Seed Paper)

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