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Check out Mondrian and its Soundtrack on the Cheap this Week

January 6, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Check out Mondrian and its Soundtrack on the Cheap this Weekon Twitter

Mondrian: Abstraction in Beauty from Lantana Games is a block breaking puzzler in the vein of Breakout that trades on its diverse art style inspired by the De Stijl movement. As you play — keeping the ball bouncing in 360 degrees — the visuals change to represent different periods in both art history and video game history. Accompanying the ever-changing visuals is an equally eclectic soundtrack composed by Davidjohn Blodgett and Hannah Hoyt.

The soundtrack offers nearly an hour of trip hop, jazz, classical, techno and ambient themes. Even outside of the game it’s been one of those soundtracks to keep you moving with a unified feel across its diverse tracks. There are a few exceptions with some somber classical and piano pieces but overall it’s a pleasant, mid-tempo collection of music. Mondrian is on sale at IndieGameStand for a pay-what-you-want price until Friday, January 8th and if you beat the average you get the soundtrack to boot. If you’re just into the music you can pick up the 19-track album on Lantana’s Bandcamp page or listen to the entire thing on YouTube.

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