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Chiptune Pioneer Beek’s Sokoban Online OST Now Available

August 29, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Chiptune Pioneer Beek’s Sokoban Online OST Now Availableon Twitter


One of chiptunes earliest artists, Chris “Beek” Hampton, has gone and released a new soundtrack for the puzzle game portal Sokoban Online.

Beek has been working with chiptunes since the mid 1990s as part of the demoscene and later with the early chiptune scene. His other works include Frog Factions, Toki Tori for the Gameboy Advance as well as releasing chiptune albums such as 7bit Date: Robot Love and more. For Sokoban Online, he brings his decades-long chiptune experience emulating NES, Atari and Gameboy sounds to the forefront with catchy beats while you work your way through the many puzzles of the site.

Fans of the music can check out the whole Sokoban Online soundtrack by Beek on iTunes and Spotify, and nab his complete albums for yourself. You can also check out more on Beek’s Bandcamp page.

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