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Comic Con 08: Street Fighter IV’s Yoshinoro Ono Vs. OSV… Ono Wins

July 24, 2008 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Comic Con 08: Street Fighter IV’s Yoshinoro Ono Vs. OSV… Ono Winson Twitter


Comic Con is here, and San Diego is going to be a mad house for the rest of the week. After trudging through the crowds here on “Preview Night” (the full-blown show begins tomorrow), we made our way to the boxing arena that was Capcom’s booth to talk music with Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinoro Ono. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to reveal much, so I took it upon myself to engage him in raw street combat for the sake of our readers. Just looking at this guy’s temporary SFIV tattoos, you’ll know what I mean when I say you don’t want to face this guy in a fight.

Are you looking forward to this game and it’s sure-to-be-awesome soundtrack?

Hit the jump for the interview and a picture of Ono’s tats.

OSV: We’re here with Yoshinoro Ono, producer of Street Fighter IV to talk about the music in the game.

Ono: Okay.

OSV: So, we all know that the music from Street Fighter II was really popular among fans of the game, and given that you’re using Street Fighter II as your inspiration for Street Fighter IV, can we expect something similar?

Ono: Yes. Actually, we’ve already mentioned this, but Street Fighter IV will have arranged music from Street Fighter II.

OSV: Oh, very cool. You are likely aware, but there was an album released back in 2003 on Capcom’s label featuring remixes of the music from Street Fighter II.

Ono: The tribute album! I know what you’re talking about.

OSV: Will these arrangements be featured in the game, or something similar to these?

Ono: They will actually be all new arrangements.

OSV: Is all the music in Street Fighter IV going to be arranged music from Street Fighter II, or should we expect some new material?

Ono: There will, of course, be lots of new BGM.

OSV: Can you tell us at this time who will be composing the music for the game?

Ono: It has not been announced yet!

OSV: How about a soundtrack release? Will there likely be a soundtrack released in Japan?

Ono: We haven’t decided about a soundtrack release yet. We are planning to let you know more about the BGM in Street Fighter IV in the future.

OSV: So I’ll end with this: what stage or character in Street Fighter IV has the best theme?

Ono: My personal favorite is the music in Ryu’s stage.

OSV: Ono-san, thank you so much for your time. We’re really looking forward to hearing more about the music in Street Fighter IV.

Ono: Thank you!

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