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Comic Con 2009: Sands of Destruction Needs a Soundtrack Release!

July 24, 2009 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook Comic Con 2009: Sands of Destruction Needs a Soundtrack Release!on Twitter

Okay, maybe I’m being a bit premature, but the few tracks I heard on the show floor today sound pretty awesome. I’ll admit I haven’t been overly impressed with much of Mitsuda’s latest work, but this sounds more in line with his work on Chrono Cross more than anything else (although you wouldn’t know from the epic battle theme). The game looks and plays really well too, making it a nice, tidy package.

So what was there there hear? The demo I played took place in the Mirrorsand Grotto, a gloomy blue cavern with some awesome music. The piece started with some triangle percussion before an acoustic guitar was added with some cool pitch bend effects at the end of each measure. The pad progression was really dark and different, especially for a Mitsuda piece. The battle theme, as I mentioned, is pretty epic. I dig the breakdown at the 0:52 mark in the above video, and afterwards, that’s some nice marimba!

Looking forward to Sands of Destruction early next year? Are you hoping as much as I am that they put out a soundtrack for this game?

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