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COMIKET 76: What Can We Expect?

August 12, 2009 | | 5 Comments Share thison Facebook COMIKET 76: What Can We Expect?on Twitter

August is finally here, and as always this time of year, cats are mating, teenagers are breaking up, and Comiket is right around the corner! For a doujin nut like me, this usually means I join my cats in their season and saddle up for the exciting releases to come.

Now quickly explained, Comic Market (Comiket) is the world’s largest comic event. Originally created as a way to give smaller publishers and writers a chance to showcase their comics in the 70s, It is today a massive event, selling doujinshi, official products from big labels, and game music doujins, or in other terms, unofficial arrangement CDs.

at C76 we can expect an unhealthy dose of Touhou doujin, as if we didn’t have enough of arrangements from an already mediocre source, and luckily it seems some game music doujins are popping up here and there, and some very interesting. Perhaps most interesting is MUSCLE SPARK, a Kunio-Kun arrangement album from Dangerous Mesashi Cat, which will include arrangements from all over the Kunio-Kun franchise. Our friends at EGG-Music will also be at hand releasing a new CD, this time compiling the music from the PC\Cell phone games Kutar no P-Dance & URA Kutar, and CROW’SCLAW will release a new full original album called Blacker Than The Blackest Black, most likely containing lighthearted love ballads judging by the name.

So looking at the VGMdb C76 Release List, is there any specific release you look forward to, and any doujin circle you want OSV to put more attention on in the future? Let us know!

Now where is my cat…..

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