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Contest Winners: Say “Huelsbeck” For Symphonic Shades

June 22, 2009 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Contest Winners: Say “Huelsbeck” For Symphonic Shadeson Twitter

I know it’s been awhile, but we did indeed have winners from our Symphonic Shades first print contest, and I wanted to share the results with you. First of all, congrats to our winners, Joe Cam and Pablo. Joe’s entry was just funny, while Pablo’s came complete with a story and post-processing that was most impressive.  Regarding the other entries, keep in mind that when we say “entertaining,” that’s code for “don’t bore us,” as some of the entries were simple readings of the name without anything interesting.

Hit the jump to check out both winning entries as well as to read Pablo’s essay that accompanied his recording.

Joe Cam’s entry – Here
Pablo’s entry – Here

Regarding Pablo’s entry:

I had this silly idea when riding a bus yesterday: Hülsbeck is the man. He sure did many great soundtracks, and some of them are among my favorites ever. I even bought a Turrican CD when the conversion rate of Brazilian currency was more favorable. Import taxes were just as outrageous then as they are today, but at least I *could* buy the CD and pay for S&H. I listened to the Turrican CD many times and still listen to other Hülsbeck soundtracks, ripped from their original systems. Thinking about this, I considered singing “Hülsbeck”. It would be appropriate, since it’s music. I wanted to fit it into one of his soundtracks, but two syllables don’t give much leeway. I remembered the Sega chant, and perhaps I should do something like this. And somehow I thought of the He-Man theme. I know this is completely cheesy, but “He-Man” even sounds a bit similar to “Hülsbeck”. So my mind wandered like this:

He’s the man

Of course Hülsbeck isn’t blond, he doesn’t look like a bodybuilder full of steroids and I’d bet he doesn’t wear furry underwear. But I just couldn’t resist this incredibly silly idea. As soon as I got home, I recorded my own voice a dozen times, played a bit with panning and reverb and voilà. It’s probably out of tune and certainly ridiculous, but I hope you guys like it, since it was fun to make. I’ve been a fan of your website since I discovered it some weeks ago, and if my 3-seconds long clip brings you at least a smirk, I’ll feel successful.

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