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Creators of UNRAVEL: Currently no plans to release official soundtrack

February 26, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Creators of UNRAVEL: Currently no plans to release official soundtrackon Twitter


One of the most popular posts on OSV over the past several weeks has been the article detailing the Swedish inspirations within the soundtrack to the critically acclaimed game Unravel. I have been following chatter about the soundtrack on twitter and several users have tweeted to the game maker to ask if they can buy the soundtrack, or if it is going to be coming out soon.

Twitter user iNanas asked and got a response which I’ve embedded below.

The music was composed by Henrik Oja and Frida Johansson, and is so far one of my favorite video game soundtracks that have been released this year. If you think that the soundtrack should get an official release I would take after iNanas and tweet to Unravel‘s official twitter account to let them know!

Do you think the soundtrack to Unravel should get an official release?

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