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Disasterpeace Releases Loop-centric Gunhouse OST

August 1, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Disasterpeace Releases Loop-centric Gunhouse OSTon Twitter

Disasterpeace has released the experimental soundtrack from Necrosoft’s Gunhouse which is a “part puzzle, part active tower defense” game available now on Windows Phone, PlayStation Mobile and Amazon platforms. The game and its music are as funky as you’d expect from the preceding combination of words. Don’t believe me? Here’s how Disasterpeace describes it:

This soundtrack is largely an experiment in using pre-made loops and samples. I wanted to see how far I could get using loops as the primary source of inspiration. It turns out it’s a great way to not only work quickly, but to flex creative muscle and do strange aesthetic things.

With credit given to Apple and Spectrasonics for their loop libraries, you’re sure to hear something familiar amidst the mechanical loops and repetitious sounds. I wasn’t into it at first but I came around rather quickly, especially once I heard the wonderful horns and wild percussion on both “Decent Spirits” and “The Other Kind of Fork”.

The ten-track Gunhouse OST is available now on Bandcamp for $2 and the game can be found from the links at Necrosoft’s site here.

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