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Dj Cutman’s ‘This Week in Chiptune’ Bundle offers a ton of Chiptune, Duh

December 7, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Dj Cutman’s ‘This Week in Chiptune’ Bundle offers a ton of Chiptune, Duhon Twitter

Dj Cutman's 'This Week in Chiptune' Bundle offers a ton of Chiptune, Duh

To commemorate the 200th episode of his Soundcloud/YouTube series, This Week in Chiptune, Dj Cutman has joined up with Groupees to offer a hand-picked bundle of chiptune albums and OSTs. The This Week in Chiptune 200th Episode Mega Bundle is available until December 16th and it’s already hit almost all of its extra unlocks.

Some of the highlights include recent GameChops releases like Mother 4 Soundtraaaack!! By Shane Mesa and The Streets (of Rage) by Doni, Chipzel’s Chipped of the Necrodancer, Shiroban’s latest EP, Reject, and a whole lot more. Including the unlocked content, the $2 minimum asking price will get you all of this:

• Beat Street OST by Maxo
The Arrival by Warez Waldo
The Streets (of Rage) by Doni
Chiptune + Charity X EP by Dj CUTMAN
Mobile Swarming by Chrome Cobra
Chipped of the Necrodancer by Chipzel
The Original Sounds of Action Button Entertainment’s VIDEOBALL by coda
The Masquerade by Doomcloud
Exclusive Backer Mix by Dj CUTMAN

While the next tier up at $4 will get you everything above as well as:

• Monolith by Graz
Mother 4 Soundtraaaack​!​! by Shane Mesa
Enjoy the Weather by Oxygenstar
Alola (A Pokémon Tribute) by CG5
Theia by Trash80
Reject by Shirobon
Supa Pawa by Bitonal Landscape

It looks like the bundle will easily make its next unlock, a live Q&A stream with DJ Cutman for those who purchased the bundle. After that there’s only one more mystery bonus to reveal. One note, the Exclusive Backer Mix is indeed exclusive to those who support Dj Cutman through Patreon.

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