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DJ Max Fever Crew Edition: For the Truly Hardcore (Already Sold Out!)

DJ Max Fever Crew Edition: For the Truly Hardcore (Already Sold Out!)

April 15, 2009 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook DJ Max Fever Crew Edition: For the Truly Hardcore (Already Sold Out!)on Twitter

You may or may not remember us running this story about DJ Max Fever‘s limited edition contents, as well as its availability. The basic gist of it was this: 30 lucky fans are going to get the most elaborate limited edition set for a game ever. Unfortunately, however, you couldn’t get the full set simply by being wealthy and/or willing to spend loads of money on the game.

All that changed, however, with the advent of The Crew Edition. Starting last week, fans could preorder one of 125 available copies of this special package, which essentially mimics the Japanese “Orpheus” limited edition that we described in our last story. What all will you find? Along with the PSP game itself (signed by the developers), you get the DJ Max Audio Trinity Soundtrack (3 discs), a DJ Max Art book, an NB Rangers mask, some post cards, a puzzle, and a DJ Max Technika IC Player Card.

Are you interested in owning it? I’m afraid I have some bad news. Just a few days after the preorder was made available, the limited edition sold out. So we’re a little late reporting the news. Maybe some chump will decide to re-sell his/her copy of DJ Max Fever: the crew, and then you’ll be in business. But unless that happens, you won’t be able to jump on this train-full-of-goodies. Sorry about that.

The good news is that, for the gamer who likes to keep a tight reign over the old wallet, this limited edition set cost $130. Compare that to the $40 retail price of the regular edition DJ Max Fever (which was published by PM Studios in late January this year), and you’re talking huge savings. So yeah… maybe it’s a good thing you missed out on this one. Not that I’m condemning the lucky few who got their preorders in on time!

We will have a comprehensive review of DJ Max Fever in the coming weeks, so if you’re not sure if you’d even be interested in this rhythm game, keep an eye out for the review to help determine whether or not it’s up your alley.

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