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DJ Max Fever Limited Edition Announced, “Platinum Crew” Service Launching In April

March 23, 2009 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook DJ Max Fever Limited Edition Announced, “Platinum Crew” Service Launching In Aprilon Twitter

There are plenty of great music/rhythm games in this beautiful world of ours. But who would’ve thought Sony’s PSP would do so well as a platform for the games? In any case, it seems that DJ Max Fever for PSP is the new hot thing. And we have some news for you about it.

First of all, publisher PM Studios has announced the “Platinum Crew” service, which serves as a community portal where scores, rankings, and mission accomplishments are aggregated and tracked. The service plans on incorporating multiple games over time, but the first game they’ll be servicing (gee, that doesn’t sound awkward) is DJ Max Fever. DJ Max Technika is also planned to be added to the service later in 2009.

PM Studios has also announced a Limited Edition set for DJ Max Fever, which includes all manner of awesome freebies. The LE is essentially the Japanese “Orpheus” limited edition set, which includes artbook, soundtrack, postcards, and of course, a signed copy of the game. Only 30 total copies of this exclusive set will be distributed, and none of it will be for sale. One of the 30 copies can be obtained via a contest giveaway at Joystiq. We highly recommend you try and nab one for yourself.

Most copies will be awarded to high-ranking players that use the Platinum Crew service playing DJ Max Fever. So if you don’t win through giveaways, there’s always that route. But you better start practicing!

After the jump, check out the full press release from PM Studios. And keep an eye out in the near future for our full review of DJ Max Fever for PSP!



Los Angeles, CA, March 16, 2009 – PM Studios, Inc., an innovative publisher of video games for the mass market, today announced Platinum Crew for DJ Max Fever and Technika. Platinum Crew is an online service and community system where DJ Max fans can upload their ranking scores and view their statistics and mission accomplishments. Further updates and features will be announced in the near future.

Beginning April, 2009 DJ Max Fever will be the first title to be included into the Platinum Crew service. A temporary ranking system will be available at until the full launch is released. Through the ranking system, players will be able to win official DJ Max merchandise including the highly sought after Limited Edition. Each ranking contest will be announced on the official website monthly.

DJ Max Fever Limited Edition is an extremely rare set that includes a copy of the game, soundtrack, art book, puzzle, post cards, and mask. Each set is customized to the winner and autographed by the entire team. There are only 30 copies of the Limited Edition and they will not be sold. They can only be won through the ranking system and contests.

The official Platinum Crew server will be available by Q3, 2009. Through the Platinum Crew service, all networked Technika Arcade machines will be able to get both weekly and monthly updates that include brand new missions, songs, and tournaments. Prizes for Platinum Crew will also be announced in the near future.

Message from the Producer:
As an appreciation to all of the fans and players who have given us the support to launch DJ Max Fever and Technika in the US, we are pleased to finally announce our Platinum Crew service. I truly believe the Platinum Crew service will bring together all of the fans from both the home and arcade versions of the DJMAX franchise. We have already created tons of new content that we can’t wait to reveal.

I have gotten many requests from fans regarding the Limited Edition version of DJ Max Fever and am happy to finally announce it. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to reprint all of the items players have asked for, so we chose the best items to include into the set. We felt that the Orpheus box set from DJMax Portable 2 had the most appropriate content to accommodate DJ Max Fever. Plus the items are a lot more valuable. I assure you that we have plenty of other items in stock for the runner ups.

I thank you so much for supporting our games and look forward to seeing you win up the prizes.

Michael Yum

PM Studios, Inc. the Company

PM Studios, Inc. is a newly found publisher of video games for the mass market. Hot on the trails of the newly released DJ Max Fever for the PSP system, PM Studios continues to bring innovative products into the market. PM Studios, Inc. is located and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

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