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DJ MAX TECHNIKA 2 Released in Korea With New 2-Disc Soundtrack

April 30, 2010 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook DJ MAX TECHNIKA 2 Released in Korea With New 2-Disc Soundtrackon Twitter

It’s entirely possible that this is not breaking news, but I’m certainly just finding out about it. I absolutely adored the original DJ MAX TECHNIKA soundtrack, and a new posting on VGMdb indicates that not only is there a sequel to the amazing touch-based rhythm arcade title in Korea, but also a fancy Limited Edition box containing the game’s 2-disc soundtrack and other assorted goodies.

One thing that was interesting about DJ MAX TECHNIKA was the variety of artists who contributed to the game, mainly from Korea, but also the inclusion of Japanese composer Shinji Hosoe. If this artist list on VGMdb is correct, it looks like Hosoe is contributing once more, which is definitely a plus as his “SON OF SUN” was one of the best (and most difficult) tracks on the set list.  Unfortunately it appears as though ESTi is not included, but we will be hearing music from La Tale lead composer, DINY. I hope PM Studios is able to bring this one to the United States like they did for the first game!

Have you had the opportunity to experience DJ MAX TECHNIKA yet? Are you surprised by the announcement of a second game in the series despite the struggling global arcade market?

[via VGMdb]

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