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DOD: Game Boy Month Results & November Theme

November 1, 2009 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook DOD: Game Boy Month Results & November Themeon Twitter

A new month, a new DoD. DoD, of course, is Dwelling of Duels, the monthly video game music remix competition that has been around since 2004 and is still going strong. This month it was Game Boy Month, where all games released on Game Boy and Game Boy Color were allowed. Most of us grew up with that handheld wonder, and I can still remember the first time I played the Game Boy. I was on a vacation in Sweden and my mother bought me one at the toy store, and with it, I got Tetris, Dr. Mario, Gargoyle’s Quest and Kung-Fu Master ’cause there was a deal where you bought 3 games and got 1 free. Out of those, Gargoyle’s Quest was my favorite, and to this day I still pick it up and play it on travels; it’s tradition to me.

Find out the results to this month and the theme for November after the jump!

The results for October are:

#01 Harjawaldar — Gargoyle’s Quest – “In the Bitter Watches of the Night” – 21 votes
#02 M-H — Solar Striker – “I’d Solar Strike HER” – 18 votes
#03 The PokeMEN (Powellman, Omnideth, Nario) — Pokemon Blue – “The PokeMETALLY” – 14 votes
#04 BONKERS — Pokemon Gold, SaGa 3 (Final Fantasy Legend 3) – “The Victory” – 13 votes
#05 Daniel Alm — Metroid 2: Return of Samus – “One Small Step For Aran” – 11 votes
#06 LuIzA — Mario Golf — “Bunker Half-Pipe” – 8 votes
#07 Demonstray — Magi Nation – “Geysers of Darkest Shadow” – 7 votes
#08 (tie) Ergosonic — Pokemon Gold – “Welcome to the Pokesphere” – 6 votes
#08 (tie) Hat — Tetris – “Droppin'” – 6 votes
#10 Rasgar — Pokemon Trading Card Game – “Sleight of Hand” – 0 votes

Now would you look at that, Gargoyle’s Quest was not only represented, but it won the whole thing! I couldn’t be more happy personally, as I’m quite the fanboy for that series. Let’s look at the top 4 here: M-H did a fantastic metal job on Solar Striker, and it’s good to see some obscure titles get this treatment. The PokeMEN, which consist of Powellman, Omnideth and Nario did a medley of Pokemon Blue. I personally didn’t like this song much and felt it was sluggishly mixed with drums that are too loud and lead guitar that sounds pretty terrible for the most part, and the song goes through various styles and the quality isn’t really consistent at all. Bonkers did a mix of SaGa 3 and Pokemon Gold, which is an interesting choice of games and does a fairly good job rocking both games out. However the bridging of these two games is not very well done and makes it a bit awkward.

Those are my thoughts on the top 4, and as for the other tracks, I would like to mention that I did enjoy Metroid 2 quite a lot and was surprised it didn’t place higher, while Mario Golf, another game I love, had great potential with a punk style going for it, but the mix is horrible. I’m not sure if this was intentional to give it a raw punk feeling or something, but it just ends up sounding bad. Good month overall, bit surprising with some obscure picks, and some obvious ones not being in there, like Link’s Awakening. I would have liked to have seen the Game Boy Castlevania games as there aren’t many arrangements of those, and all the Pokemon entries get kinda stale. With such a huge library, I find it surprising how narrow many of the choices are, but Gargoyle’s Quest, Solar Strike and SaGa 3 makes up for that.

Next month will be Ninja Gaiden Month! For information how to enter and vote, go to the Dwelling of Duels website and check it out.

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