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Dogma Retro Game Show Featuring Daniel Brown

July 19, 2011 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Dogma Retro Game Show Featuring Daniel Brownon Twitter

As noted last Friday, Daniel Brown took part in a 24 TV/Internet broadcast Dogma Retro Game Show that was related to all things gaming. Kusoge up the kusohole, world record setting speedruns of Wai Wai World and kinky photographs of people and their Famicom were all part to shape the whole day broadcast into a success. Daniel Brown’s 30 minute piano performance was presented as one of the main attractions, and was watched by several thousand viewers. So many were impressed that the NicoNicoDouga feed struggled to keep up due to traffic and on-screen commentary.

And as promised, here is the recording of the entire performance. What you’ll hear is Castlevania 1,2 and 3 in near entirety, performed back to back. Brown choose the occasion to debut all new material, some of which might find its way onto a new release in the future. There was also a surprise encore, with a song specifically arranged for the show host due to it being his favorite song. The song is titled “Yin Hung Gu Si” and is sung by Jackie Chan at the end of Police Story in 1985.

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