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E3 2008: It’s the Beginning of a New and Excitingly Different Story

July 17, 2008 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook E3 2008: It’s the Beginning of a New and Excitingly Different Storyon Twitter

Okay, it’s nearly impossible to hear anything out of the DS given the intensity of the noise on the show floor. Even with Dale’s $300 earbuds, I can barely hear the music in the game. From what I can hear, however, the music sounds pratically identical to its SNES counter-part, which was exactly what we expected after hearing Mitsuda’s comments about the title last week. The choir “ahs” in the battle track may be toned down a bit to sound a little less dated, but even this might simply be my ears playing tricks on me with all the background noise.

What I did find out, however, is that the “port” will feature a new dungeon, a multiplayer mode, and a completely new translation. The Square Enix reps stated that information about the title will be released via the new Square Enix members page that you can sign up for free on their website. I imagine this special treatment is a way of thanking the fans for their love of the title, which is likely why the game is being ported at all.

So, what are your thoughts about the lack of an enhanced score? Is this a classic that they shouldn’t screw around with?

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