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E3 2008: Judgment of Ecclesia

July 17, 2008 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook E3 2008: Judgment of Ecclesiaon Twitter

“Do you like… Castlevania?” Yes, it’s Psycho Mantis again. While we just took a look at the E3 trailer for Castlevania Judgment yesterday, after getting some time with the game on the floor and speaking briefly with Igarashi, I have more details regarding both Judgment as well as Order of Ecclesia on the DS.

Iga offered an apology for not being able to name the composer(s) for Castlevania Judgment because, in fact, the audio is being outsourced. It’s not being handled by Yamane, but he assured me that there would be many familiar themes from the series. I noticed this first hand, as the match I played against a Konami rep featured the “Dracula’s Castle” track from Symphony on the Night. While it was difficult to hear through all the noise of the floor (thanks Rock Band!), the actual arrangement playing didn’t sound as lush as the original version of the song.

I also spent some time with Order of Ecclesia, which Igarashi noted will feature the music of series veteran Michiru Yamane. While I dug the majestic music that accompanied the introductory movie (which was absolutely gorgeous), the actual in-game music sounded similar to some of the uninspired stuff that we’ve been hearing from Yamane recently. They need to give her a break and let Koshiro take on more tunes!

What we heard on the E3 floor was only a fraction of the music that will be heard in each respective title, so I still have high hopes for the two. Do you think Konami will find a way to butcher even the classic Castelvania tunes that will find their way into Judgment? Should they give Yamane a break from the yearly Castlevania releases?

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