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E3 2008: Wii Music… Announced Again!

July 15, 2008 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook E3 2008: Wii Music… Announced Again!on Twitter

While many were left disappointed by the lack of major titles coming out of Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference this morning, I thought Wii Music looked pretty sweet. Using the balance board for the bass drum? Pure genius! Miyamoto even took to the stage to show off the title, and the fact that it will allow players to perform classic Nintendo music from Super Mario Bros. and the like already has me sold.

It’s interesting that everyone is saying that Nintendo just “announced” Wii Music, as the title was actually on the floor at E3 2006 (and 2007) in a very primative form. Koji Kondo himself was on stage at Nintendo’s booth in 2006 showing off the title’s conducting portion. Whether that early demo makes its way into the final version of Wii Music, I guess we’ll found out soon, but it was definitely a lot of fun.

I do have a couple complaints, however, including the lacking sound quality and the straightforward arrangements. Many of the instruments they demonstrated today sounded like general MIDI. I’m sure Nintendo has a lot of work ahead of them, but I hope they give those of us who actually care about the music something new to listen to and be a part of.

What do you think of the demonstration? Which classic songs do you want to see in the game?

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