E3 2009: Tritton Technologies

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Last week we stopped by the Tritton Technologies booth on the E3 floor to check out the exciting new products currently being developed. You may remember our review of their AX Pro 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Headset the other month, and while it impressed us, I still felt that they were petty expensive. To answer my concerns, and likely the concerns of others, Tritton recently announced several new headsets that will also deliver Dolby Surround technology at a fraction of the cost.

The booth also let us listen and compare their product to that of their competitors, and that was an interesting experience. Their products performed well in comparison, however I find myself wondering how everything would stack up in a more controlled environment. I wasn’t able to see how things were connected, or how the signal was being routed, and that could really make a difference in output. I liked the idea of comparing the products though, and it was nice of them to show off their upcoming products, despite being works in progress.

That said, what really perked my interest was their upcoming AX400 wireless headset. I had a chance to sit down with it at E3, and found myself impressed considering the product itself was still being worked on. Assuming they can work out the remaining kinks, we should expect to see the wireless sets hit the stores sometime later this year.

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