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E3 2010: Deus Ex Human Evolution Soundtrack Details

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With Square Enix now publishing Eidos titles, their booth here at E3 is quite the busy place. While I admittedly skipped the second Deus Ex game, Deus Ex: Human Evolution is shaping up to be a great looking game. It was announced some time ago that composer Michael McCann would be handling the game’s soundtrack, but this is the first opportunity people have had to actually hear it in the game.

We were fortunately able to speak with the title’s producer about Michael McCann’s involvement and the direction for the game’s score this time around. We also learn about their intentions to distribute the soundtrack, how many minutes of music will be featured, and whether or not a live orchestra will be featured.

Read our impressions after the jump.

We first got a taste of Deus Ex: Human Evolution with a lengthy two-part demo showing off the game’s interactive environment, social elements, and stealth combat. There are multiple ways to complete objectives in the game, including full-frontal assaults, stealth, and flat out bribery which should allow the gamer to choose how to progress through the game.

Throughout the demo we heard mainly gritty electronic ambiance that was mostly in the background, allowing the game’s dialogue to take center stage. It was fitting of the setting, however, as the streets of the near-future (2027) do look a bit dingy. I guess those trash-cleaning nanomachines haven’t been invented yet in the series timeline. I did enjoy the occasional violin strokes that entered the mix, giving the environment an organic feel along with a sense of loneliness. There was also a night club called The Hive that featured, as you’d expect, driving electronic music. What was neat, however, was that as you approach the building, the bass and bass drum are heard from a distance, and more of the music becomes discernible once you get close. There was also a trailer shown which featured your typical cool electronic-infused orchestral style.

We then got to speak briefly with the game’s producer who helped shed some light on the game’s audio. I asked how Michael McCann was selected to score the game, and if the team had considered bringing back series composer Alexander Brandon. It was noted that they had a large selection of composers to choose from, and Michael McCann was selected because they were going for something new given that the game takes place in a different setting. He followed this saying they were still in touch with Alexander Brandon about the title, and that they appreciated his enthusiasm for the franchise.

Regarding Michael McCann’s work, he was apparently brought on very early in the development cycle. In fact, he’s been writing music for the game for nearly two years. He’s expected to provide approximately 60 minutes of original music for the game, and while the majority will be sample-based, there will be live orchestral recordings for select parts of the game. When I asked about a possible soundtrack release, I got a wink and a nod that they were trying to put something together, but hadn’t decided it would be some sort of pre-order/collector’s edition bonus or a separate standalone release.

Are you following Deus Ex: Human Evolution? Do you have a favorite soundtrack form Michael McCann’s past works?

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