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E3 2010: Kenji Yamamoto Skips Metroid For Donkey Kong Country

June 19, 2010 | | 7 Comments Share thison Facebook E3 2010: Kenji Yamamoto Skips Metroid For Donkey Kong Countryon Twitter

So, we’ve been posting about the Metroid: Other M soundtrack and how Kuniaki Haishima is working on the title instead of Kenji Yamamoto. Everyone has been wondering what Kenji Yamamoto has been up to, until now!

In an E3 interview with IGN, Retro Studios mentioned that they were continuing their collaboration with Kenji Yamamoto on Donkey Kong Country Returns after their joint work on the Metroid Prime series. I was initially surprised that Retro Studios was handling the game, but even more so at this news. But I must say that I am even more excited about this game after hearing it.

Are you surprised by the news? Do you think Kenji Yamamoto will be up to the task or arranging themes from one of the most highly regarded soundtracks in the industry?

[via Nobuooo]

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