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E3 2011: Square Enix’s Heroes of Ruin Composer Is…

June 16, 2011 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook E3 2011: Square Enix’s Heroes of Ruin Composer Is…on Twitter

A lot of people were surprised by Square Enix’s announcement leading up to E3 that they’d be publishing an original IP developed by U.S.-based developer n-Space. We had some hands-on time with Heroes of Ruin, a four-player MMO-style fantasy action title, and enjoyed some of the tweaks that have been made to the traditional MMO-style gameplay. The demo led us through a forested area and through a battle with one of the game’s mini-bosses, cutting off before the main boss battle.

What we were most interested in, however, was the game’s audio. We were told that the soundtrack is being composed by film and television composer Sacha Alexander Puttnam. While his game credits are sparse (Tiger Woods ‘Golf’ and Adventure Ecology), he has worked on several films, documentaries, and television shows, and has a long history as a recording artist. What we heard in the game was your typical orchestral fantasy score, but I have high hopes for what Puttnam will be able to accomplish. Also of note is the fact that Tony Porter is heading up sound design, who I had the pleasure of writing alongside during my days at Music4Games.

Are you surprised to see Square Enix publishing this title, and more surprised by their choice of composer?  What about this game has you excited?

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